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Governing Body Membership as at May 2018
Chair of Governors:   Mr Philip Wignall
Clerk:  Mrs Gail Thompson


Type of Governor

Date of Appointment Term of Office End Date Date Stepped Down Appointing Body Committee Membership
Mrs Catherine Brown Foundation Governor 02.03.2015 4 years 01.03.2019   Diocese Chair of Curriculum Committee
Mrs Sheena Cartwright Parent Governor 09.01.2016 4 years 08.01.2020   Elected by Parents Curriculum Committee
Mr Simon Day Foundation Governor 26.06.2015 4 years 25.06.2019   Diocese Resources Committee
Mr John Durrant Foundation Governor 13.03.2015 4 years 12.03.2019   Diocese Chair of Resources Committee
Mr Ronnie Green Staff Governor 28.11.2016 4 years 27.11.2020   Elected by Staff Curriculum Committee, Resources Committee
Mrs Cynthia Howells Foundation Governor 13.11.2017 4 years 12.11.2021   Diocese Curriculum Committee
Mrs Sally Raeside Local Authority Governor 22.03.2018 4 years 21.03.2022   Local Authority Curriculum Committee
Mr Robert Seymour Parent Governor 07.11.2016 4 years 06.11.2020   Elected by Parents Resources Committee
Mr Eddie Spencer Foundation Governor 16.10.17 4 years 15.10.2021   Diocese Resources Committee
Mrs Mary Viney Foundation Governor 01.12.2017 4 years 03.11.2021   Diocese Resources Committee
Mr Philip Wignall Co-opted Governor 30.11.2016 4 years 29.11.2020   Governing Body Chair of Governors, Curriculum Committee, Resources Committee
Ms Kathryn Williams Head Teacher 26.03.2015 Ongoing     Ex Officio Curriculum Committee, Resources Committee
Rev Robert Young Ex Officio Foundation Governor 16.03.2017 Ongoing     Ex Officio Resources Committee
Vacancy Foundation Governor         Diocese  
Rev Catherine Pynn Associate Governor 01.02.2018 1 year 31.01.2019   Governing Body Curriculum Committee
Mr Robin Scott Associate Governor   1 year     Governing Body Curriculum Committee

Governor Information

Who can be a Governor?

There are a number of different categories of governor as follows:

  • Parent - chosen by and from parents with children at the school
  • Foundation - appointed by the Church authorities and have a special care for the school's Christian character
  • Local Authority - appointed by Hampshire County Council
  • Co-opted - elected by the governing body to bring specific skills
  • Staff - the Head Teacher automatically becomes a staff governor when they take up their post, other staff governors are made up of teaching and non teaching staff.

Freedom of information:
Minutes of Governing Body meetings and financial summaries are held in the school office.


Name Name of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appointment or Acquisition Date of Cessation of Interest Date of Entry Link to Other Educational Establishments
Mrs Catherine Brown         05.10.2017  
Mrs Sheena Cartwright         05.10.2017  
Mr Simon Day         05.10.2017  
Mr John Durrant         30.11.2017  
Mr Ronnie Green Employed at School Deputy Head Teacher     05.10.2017  
Mrs Cynthia Howells         08.10.2017  
Mrs Sally Raeside         22.03.2018  
Mr Robert Seymour

Glanville Projects - Project management in construction and utility industry

Construction related activities January 2014   05.10.2017  
Mr Eddie Spencer         05.10.2017  
Mrs Mary Viney         05.10.2017  
Mr Philip Wignall         28.11.2017  
Ms Kathryn Williams Employed at School Head Teacher     05.10.2017  
Rev Robert Young         05.10.2017  
Rev Catherine Pynn         05.10.2017  
Mr Robin Scott         09.02.2018  
Mr David Lister         05.10.2017  


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