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About Our School

Providing the highest quality teaching and learning for our children is a fundamental part of our missions and value statement at Silchester.


The origins of the school lie in the nineteenth century with the parish church of St Mary the Virgin, Silchester. This foundation is still reflected today in the close ties between church and school. As an 'aided Church of England School' we carry a responsibility to promote a Christian ethos and character and to develop a specifically Church of England style in worship, as well as a Christian emphasis in Religious Education.

In promoting the ethos of a Church School we respect the dignity of each  individual in the school and work to develop a true sense of community. Worship is, for us here at Silchester School, an integral part of daily life, playing an important part in developing that sense of community. It takes various forms and is led by a wide range of adults, mostly known to the children, although we regularly planfor the involvement of visitors. Worship also takes on many forms, including celebration worships, class worshipsto share some of the term's highlights, and special event worships such as Harvest, Ash Wednesday, Christmas and Easter.

To help focus our worship, we plan a weekly theme throughout the whole year. This is based both on the church's calendar and Christian values which along with our school 'Learning Behaviours', are well understood by the children and are at the core of everything we try to achieve.

Links with the Local Community

Silchester School both supports and is supported by the local community and church in many ways and the children are encouraged to participate in local activities and to develop a feeling of pride in their environment. We regularly take children to St Marys Church on Sunday to take part in the service and represent their year group with short presentations. A monthly article is published in the parish magazine, sharing life at the school with the local community. We welcome members of the community into school, whether in their capacity as governors, to enrich the curriculum with their knowledge, or to work alongside children in a supportive role, such as reading with them.


One of our local community link members, Mr Jon Skinner has also helped us become more aware of global issues. Jon introduced the children and community of Silchester to two very special orphans in Swaziland (Rachel and Khay) and Silchester through sponsorship now supports the Christian education and well-being of these children. All of our children have also come through the school learning about 'Fair Trade' and what we can all do to make decisions on an ethical basis.

We feel very proud of our Church of England School, and hope that you come to experience many of the things we think make it a special part of Silchester.

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