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Silchester Church of England Primary School Ethos



At Silchester Church of England Primary School we:

  1. We will be loyal friends and care for others - FRIENDSHIP
  2. We will push ourselves to be the best we can - CHALLENGE
  3. We will tell the truth, even when it is hard - HONESTY
  4. We will accept each other and value our differences - TOLERANCE
  5. We will value our world, people and belongings - RESPECT
  6. We will calm ourselves and help others to be calm - PEACE

Learning Behaviours

  1. Engage - sit up, look, listen
  2. Participate - have a go
  3. Independence - get started
  4. Move your learning on
  5. Help by teaching others
  6. The right not to be distracted
  7. Talk about your learning
  8. Perseverance - keep trying


  1. Follow Instructions
  2. Be kind to others
  3. Look after property
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