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Unicef - Rights Respecting School Award

What is it and why should we do it?

The Rights Respecting Schools Award is a Unicef UK programme that aims to put children’s rights at the heart of schools in the UK. Our goal is to embed children’s rights in the schools ethos and culture and to provide an environment that allows all children to reach their full potential.

Evidence of the award's impact on schools Evidence shows the Rights Respecting Schools Award has a profound impact on children and young people, and on the school as a whole.

How do we achieve it?

There are various stages to becoming a Unicef UK Rights Respecting School. Effectively, it can be  broken down into three steps:

Accreditation is achieved by an external assessment process, to provide evidence that the four RRSA standards have been met.

Commitment to final assessment at Level 2 can take up to four years.

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