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Governor Information

Who can be a governor?

There are a number of different categories of governor:

  • Parent - Chosen by and from parents with children at the school (whose term of office can continue once the child has left the school)
  • Foundation - Unique to church schools, foundation governors are those appointed by the church or diocese to contribute to and monitor the impact of the school's distinctive Christian vision
  • Local Authority - Appointed by Hampshire County Council
  • Co-opted or Associate member - Periodically elected by the governing body when required to bring specific skills
  • Staff - The Executive Headteacher has the option to become an ex officio governor at any time once appointed; the staff governor can be a teaching or non-teaching member of staff and is appointed by the staff

Other information
Approved minutes of Governing Body meetings are available upon request from the school office via email: adminoffice@silchester.hants.sch.uk or telephone: 0118 9700 256.

Our Written Statement of Behaviour Principles can be found on the policies page and here: Silchester C of E (Aided) Primary School Written Statement of Behaviour Principles 2022.

Many quesions and queries can be answered by talking with your child's class teacher or another appropriate member of staff. If you feel a matter has not been resolved by the school and you would like to make a complaint to the governing body, please follow the Complaints Procedure found on the policies page and here: Silchester C of E (Aided) Primary School Complaints Procedure 2022.

Governance at Silchester C of E (Aided) Primary School

Register of Governors' Pecuniary Interests 2022-2023

Record of Attendance at meetings of the previous academic year 2021-2022

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