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Winter Weather Emergency Procedure

The head teacher will be responsible for decisions that will be agreed on the basis of health and safety.  Parents will be sent these procedures, in a letter, via parentmail.

The procedures are as follows:

  • A daily risk assessment of the site will be undertaken early each morning by the caretaker.
  • The school will only close for the following reasons:
    • there are no services (e.g.heating);
    • an insufficient number of staff are able to get to school as a result of the weather conditions;
    • conditions are too dangerous for pupils and staff to travel.
  • During icy or snowy periods access to the site will be via the main gate and classroom doors will be used, except Year R and Year 1 who will use the front entrance.
  • Parents will be texted by the individual school in the event of closure by 7.30am.
  • The caretaker will clear main access paths on a daily basis or as appropriate.
  • Parents are not, under any circumstances, allowed to clear any pathways on school site.
  • If the school kitchen is unable to operate due to lack of supplies, parents will be informed by text and be required to provide a packed lunch.
  • If conditions are extreme it is likely a decision will be made to start school at 9.30 and close at 2.30. Parents will be texted as early as possible with this information.
  • If you are driving please be mindful of the icy conditions.  Please continue to park in the car park by the pavilion and not drive down School Lane.
  • If there is extreme snow fall during the school day, parents will be contacted to collect their child early. It is the parent’s responsibility to leave work early or make alternative arrangements to collect their child.
  • Home learning opportunities will be available.
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